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More information on investment castings and Signicast via the internet

November 15, 2017---Terry Lutz donates $2 million to Waukesha County Technical College. click here to see more

There is a great video on the constitution and our Republic. It is well worth the time to watch. I did not always use the right terminology in my book, but the meaning is the here to view the video

Bloomberg Personal Finance has an article on the Pritzker's I was quoted at the end of the article. click here to read this article

President&CEO magazine did a podcast interview with me about the here to view the podcast

Signicast web site
See the most technologically advanced investment casting company in the world featuring continuous flow manyufacturing
click here to visit this site

President&CEO magazine has a great feature article on the here to read the article or click here to read entire magazine.

Modern Castings April 2013 edition has a review of my book on page 42. click here to open magazine then go to page 42

Modern Casting Magazine Article August 2006
Article about Signicast called "Who Needs Inventory?"
click here to view article

Signicast named 2008 Metal Caster of the year by Modern Castings magazine
click here to read synopsis/

Investment Casting Institue web site
Read more about the investment casting industry at this trade group site
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