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What a fascinating book you have written, Terry. This reader feels you understand yourself and you understand your life's creation, Signacast. Because I once toured the plant, I feel the story is an honest replication of the inner workings of a manufacturing plant. If I were an engineering college student and had just brought back to my dorm room the stack of required reading tomes, I would wish someone had plastered a circular sticker on the front saying "Read Me First." The assembly line came alive with the machinations explained. Only one of my questions is why is this book so heavy to hold (as in weight)?

"Thank you for writing this book. I got a lot of insight and information that I will use in running my business. This book to paraphrase Chris Matthews gave me a tingle down my leg! I have read a lot of business books, none as clear and concise as this book with so much practical and common sense information. I feel so strongly about this book that I am passing this book to others at work to read. Anyone who dreams of ever going into business and being successful should read this book!
I look forward to your next book.
Sincerely and thank you,"
Paul Brey

"Terry, just finished reading your book. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. My hat goes off to you. The vision you had for Signicast was remarkable. The drive and determination you had is what made Signicast what it is today. It has been a honor and privilege working under your leadership. You have made a great impact on so many of us at Signicast. Thank-you so much, "

"Hello Terry,
Many thanks for your book.
Thanks for writing it, publishing it and letting us know it was available. I brought my copy home Wednesday planning to go to bed early because of an early Thursday morning meeting. I put your book on the end table by my bed.Before going to sleep I thought I would look through it – well guess what. I started reading and couldn’t put it down. I felt that my career with Signicast was passing in front of me".

"I find myself wondering , Is Terry Lutz the John Galt of our generation , or perhaps Atlas, who grew tired of the ever growing weight, and simply had to shrug it off ? "